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Topic: Steinberg VSL 2020

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    Steinberg VSL 2020

    Is anyone using this card?

    I\'ve just installed it, with latest drivers, and everything works fine except for the GStudio driver. When I enable any outputs in GStudio, all I get is a loud buzzing sound. If I load a sample, and try to play it, it sound garbled and distorted. I\'m running the latest version of GStudio 160 (v. 2.54.0).

    I\'m using digital ADAT I/O with Yamaha 01v.

    Thanks for any feedback and/or suggestions.

    PS - I\'ve used GStudio, and CubaseSX for sometime with RME DIGI 9652, so I know how to configure (i.e. CubaseSX output on 1,2 and GStudio output on 3,4).


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    Re: Steinberg VSL 2020

    Just made an important discovery. There are two buses on the card (ADAT 1 and ADAT 2. I have been testing with ADAT 1. I just tried ADAT 2 and it works properly. (However, both buses need to work - one for the digital console, and one for the digital interface for the K2500.)

    It possibly means that the card is defective, and not a driver (design) problem. So this MIGHT be good news. I\'ll have to see what Steinbug says.

    I did read somewhere (cubase.net I think)that one person only had success with the third card - the first two they sent were defective.

    The latency possible on this card is AMAZING. Out of this world!

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