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Topic: Giga sampler /Cakewalk w/direct x plug ins [A complete studio?]

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    Giga sampler /Cakewalk w/direct x plug ins [A complete studio?]

    Hi Giga People
    Ive been into making and recording music for a while now , and most of my experiance with recording has been with the traditional mixer reel to reel set up , so Im kind of new with the software / computer based sampling and recording .When I bought the computer and the giga sampler and the sequencer and the plug in effects ,I thought that the greatest time investment would be learning how to use all the programs .But to my surprise Im finding the greatist time investment and source of agravation Is simply getting the programs to work the way they are suppose to , with out getting all those illegal operations and errors .I have found giga sampler to be fairly stable , the most errors that I have been getting have been with cakewalk , especially when using plug ins .So my question is To all you veteran music software people ....Do you think that cakewalk is a good sequencer to use with giga sampler or do you find it very unstable and error proned or is it not the sequencing program , just the windows environment ? Well any input that any one has will be greatly appreciated . thanks , Ken

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    Re: Giga sampler /Cakewalk w/direct x plug ins [A complete studio?]

    To use Cakewalk and Gigasampler together do the following:

    First setup Gigasampler so that it starts up with the midi in disabled. Then every time you want to run the two programs together do the following:

    1. Start Gigasampler to let it initiallize its audio interface.

    2. Quit Gigasampler.

    3. Start Cakewalk.

    4. Start Gigasampler.

    It\'s akward, but it sure makes these two programs run well together. As long as I start up Cakewalk and Gigasampler this way, my system runs great.

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    Re: Giga sampler /Cakewalk w/direct x plug ins [A complete studio?]

    Cakewalk and Gigasampler work extremely well together. Make sure you have the latest version of both (Cakewalk 9 and Gigasampler 1.6); if you are running Windows 95, upgrade to Windows 98SE; make sure ALL your drivers are updated to the latest versions (video, audio, hard drive, network, etc.); don\'t run any other programs in the background -- turn off any anti-virus, system monitor, email, ICQ, task bars, or any other programs that suck up processor time; go to http://www.studio201.com/cwu/support/vst/win95.html and follow the suggestions for improving Windows performance; and last but not least, make sure Cakewalk and Gigasampler are using separate audio channels. If you have audio card that only has one stereo output, even if they claim their driver is mutli-client, you will have conflicts. The best arrangement is to have one soundcard with 2 or more stereo outputs and that is GSIF compliant, or to have 2 stereo cards, one dedicated to Gigasampler, one to Cakewalk.

    Hope this helps.

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