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Topic: another 2 computer question

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    another 2 computer question

    Someone willing to direct me to \"how to hook 2 computers\". They are 2 p4s and I want one to be a dedicated giga pc and the other sonar etc. Where does the sound card go and I have midi over lan.
    I\'ll buy you a cyber lunch if you help. Really, if you have a paypal account?-- I dont have time to learn everything by trial and error.


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    Re: another 2 computer question

    Hi Ken, the first thing I would suggest (if not already done) is to buy two networks cards and a network cross-over cable. There are a few reasons for this;

    - you can copy samples over to other hard drives, between computers.
    - you can render all of the files from computer 2 over the network to computer 1 for mixdown
    - you can use MOL+ to send midi to computer 2 via compute 1
    - you could also buy FX Teleport and send VST\'s over to computer 2 to run on that machine
    - you could use remote desktop software to control computer 2 from computer 1

    With a network you can always keep your files digital, even between computers. Basically you compose on multiple machines but mixdown on one.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: another 2 computer question

    Thanks much Scott,
    I do have network cards and a cable connecting and what you listed is exactly what I want to be able to do. What applications are necessary to copy files(somewhat challenged).What is the next starting point. Network bridge? If you dont mind here\'s my setup.Comp 1--- p4,2.53.1g,layla20,2 80g drives,gs96,Sonar. Comp 2--- p4, 2.6,512,sonar,m-box pro tools le.

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    Re: another 2 computer question

    To keep it simple you basically want to have at least one shared folder on each computer.

    If you are running 2000 or XP look for the network setup wizard and this will run you through all the steps to get both computers talking to each other. In other words, you dont need any special applications, windows will do the networking for you. (Is this what you meant when you mentioned copying files?)

    If you dont plan to expand beyond 2pc\'s for a while the network crossover cable will be fine. You dont require a network hub or switch.

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    Re: another 2 computer question

    That\'s what I needed to know.Once I get thru the wizard setups it should clear up.
    Ken Roche

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    Re: another 2 computer question

    I dont like displaying so much ignorance, but....I\'ve gone thru the xp home wizards for either a home network or advanced and haven\'t got the 2 computers to talk. The cable is good( I switched with the internet and works) , the ethernet cards are ok---- that leaves just one weak link.
    Is there a prescribed method that works.


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    Re: another 2 computer question

    Hi Ken, one thing to watch out for is that you need a network crossover cable when you are hooking up only two PC\'s. A regular network cable wont do it.

    Later on, if you do hook up a switch/hub with two or more PC\'s you can use standard network cables throughout.

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