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Topic: Serial ATA

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    Serial ATA

    I just recently bought a new MB and a Promise SATA PCI card. The Promise card has two SATA slots and one regular ATA slot. I bought a Seagate 120gig serial drive and it seems to be working pretty well.

    The question is this...

    I have Win2K installed on the serial drive, but I\'m aware that GS should really be on its own drive and I shouldn\'t install samples on the other partitions on the drive. I\'m thinking about buying another 80gig serial drive and installing an OS on that and using it for GS and video rendering and then formating the 120 gig one to use for only samples. However, does anyone know if they\'ll be a problem with this config since both drives are on one Promise card? I wasn\'t sure if the PCI bus could handle all that.


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    Re: Serial ATA

    Yes thats fine. I\'ve even heard that the throughput of a PCI controller card is better than the onboard bus anyway.

    The controller card has two busses also, just like an onboard controller.


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    Re: Serial ATA

    Ah great. Thanks for the quick response Scott.


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