I\'m new to GigaStudio and perhaps its just a mental block, (or perhaps because I come from the analog world) but I\'m having difficulty trying to figure out what kind and number of inputs/outputs in an interface, I need for my GS system. Any help would be appreciated.

I have a Compaq workstation with P4/512/40GB and GS160.......a few samples loaded. I\'m driving it with a Fatar controller and here\'s my real question.....

If I want to play the samples through my digital board and recorder, how do I determine the correct number of inputs and outputs I need in the interface?

Does each sample require two discrete I/O channels to path out to the board? If you are playing multple samples....say one sample on each midi port of GS, does that mean that each port requires a stereo channel so if you were using all 4 MIDI ports at once you would need an 8 channel interface?

Is there any benefit to having more than 8 channels in the interface?

I guess it\'s just because I was never a big MIDI guy that I\'m having a comprehesion problem here but all help is appreciated.