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Topic: Advice on building GIG-file

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    Advice on building GIG-file

    Can anybody tell me if it is possible to combine 3 .gig files into 1 .gig file in the instrument editor?
    What I want to do is to take the drumsamples of 3 different .gig files and combine them into 1 .gig file. The problem is that in the instrument editor you can only add samples to the instrument pool. So how do you extract the samples from an existing .gig file? With an Akai cd-rom you can at least import .wav files and build your instrument from that, but even this is a very roundabout way of constructing your own drum kits. There really should be a much simpler way of building your own kits, because this absorbs too much time. Can anyone give me some advice, because having to build new .gig files time and again for something as simple as mixing 2 drumkits is beginning to give me a headache.
    Thank you for your advice.


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    Re: Advice on building GIG-file

    Hi Jan,
    the way to go is to export the samples from one instrument and import it into the other. To Export you higlight the sample or sample-directory and press the RIGHT mouse button. in the context menu you will find \"Export Samples\".

    Clearly this is not very handy. But Nemesys have promised long ago that with the next version they are going to improve editing, copying etc.


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