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Topic: Usb latency with GS96

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    Usb latency with GS96

    New GS96, new Midiman Uno USB adapter.

    When I first was installing, I was a little anxious, and more or less ended up installing both pieces sort of simultaneously. The outcome was the dreaded grey MIDI box syndrome. But then something okay happened.

    I installed Cakewalk Express from the Uno CD -- and it took MIDI In from the Uno and sent MIDI Out to the Nemesys Port 1. Suddenly - everything was working great! I thought, \"An annoying issue, but a workaround I can live with.\"

    Day goes by, some sort of normal reboot occurs, I fire up GS96 and wha-lah, no more grey box problem. It can talk to the Midiman directly ... except now there\'s a latency problem. Quite noticeable.

    This is dern frustrating -- it was working perfect sans latency, when GS96 kept its paws off the MIDI devices.

    I\'ve since uninstalled GS96 -- did a clean uninstall of the Midiman drivers (according to steps from the technical support). Clean, reinstall of Uno, clean reinstall of GS96 and right back in latency hell.

    And now that I\'ve finally gotten my registration from Tascam through -- their website for the 2.54 updates is down. Argh. I\'m hoping (but not optomistically) that the 2.54 upgrade from 2.50.48 will fix this latency problem-- but their docs have already reported USB latency issues.

    Is there anyway I can force GS96 to not talk to the MIDI devices and use my previous workaround?

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    Re: Usb latency with GS96

    Turned out it was a sound card configuration problem. Mia\'s GSIF buffer was too big.

    After I finally got the 2.54 upgrade, problem was still there, I called tech support. Tech said latency is either a sound card config issue or some sort of USB port conflict. The GSIF buffer was set to its highest setting 2,048 -- tech said to pull that back to 512 or maybe even 256. Did that, reboot, problem went away. Piece of cake.

    Knowing myself, that\'s probably documented somewhere extremely obvious in the manual and I overlooked it.

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