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Topic: realistic string divisi

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    realistic string divisi

    Just putting this out there as a possible future development-

    It would be great to be able to have Notion playback a realistic string divisi, whereas if you write a three note chord for the first Violins, it sounds as 6 or so players on each note instead of 18.

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    Re: realistic string divisi

    You can sort of get this now--if you have the solo strings kit.

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    Re: realistic string divisi

    I don't have solo strings yet, but how exactly would it work?


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    Re: realistic string divisi

    You can do it a couple of ways, none of which are perfect.

    1. If you want a little string solo--for one solo instrument, just insert the solo string in the score (shift/I).

    2. If you want a divisi solo string line, you could add as many solo strings as needed to the score. Each solo string is obviously one player, so if you wanted 4 celli, you'd have to make 4 solo celli parts in the score. Not perfect, especially if you have a lot of solo divisi parts.

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