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Topic: Tweaking XP to load more samples

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    Re: Tweaking XP to load more samples


    There\'s a whole thread dedicated to system reg edit on the VSL website. I am on a computer at Narita airport at the moment and can only open one window at a time so can\'t help you with the exact URL.

    www.vsl.co.at - you will find it in the forum and Gigastudio Topics....

    I tweaked my machine, encountered a few problems, but all seems fine now. I am loading up to about 83% on a heavily used system (not a dedicated giga pc) although some of the guys are getting 99% on 2gb machines. It looks like the optimisation really depends on the components and what you software/hardware you have on board as much as changing the reg edit settings.

    Hope this helps and good luck!


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    Re: Tweaking XP to load more samples

    Thanks alot for the link. I\'ve got an XP system with 2 gigs loading at 97% instead of 60% now. 80 hex on all 4 settings.



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    Tweaking XP to load more samples

    I know I read a thread in here somewhere that someone had gotten around the limitations in XP and loaded up as many samples as a Win 98 system. I have 2 gigs on this XP machine and can only load the giga memory meter to 60%. I realize XP takes up more ram than 98 does, but there is plenty of ram left, XP is just no allocating it to Giga. Does someone have the solution to this (other than reloading Win 98- these will be QLSO machines as well)?



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