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Topic: is this pc figuration ok?

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    is this pc figuration ok?

    *gulp* I am all alone with the following descision... what do you think... it\'s to make work giga96 and cakewalk sonarxl 2.2 on the same machine (for the moment [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] )

    2* DDRAM 256 MB PC400 Kingston/Infineon/G.E.I.L.; CL2.5

    2* DDRAM
    512 MB PC400 Kingston/Infineon/G.E.I.L.; CL2.5

    DVD-Writer ATAPI
    Plextor PX-504A; Retail

    HD E-IDE
    IBM/Hitachi IC35L 120,0GB / Vancouver / 8MB

    2. HD Baracuda from Seagate, model st3120022A, 120 gb

    tower Computer
    Antec Midi-Tower, ATX, Antec Markennetzteil 300W

    graphic card ATI/Xelo
    Radeon 9100 64MB; DDR-RAM; DVI; TV-Out

    Mainboard Asus
    P4P800 Deluxe

    MIDI-Hardware MIDI-I/O
    Midiman MIDISport 4x4

    Processor Intel 478 Pin
    Pentium 4 2,80 GHz / 512KB / 800MHz / In-A-Box

    OS Betriebssystem
    Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SB dt.

    Sony/NEC 3,5\" 1,44MB

    price 1.719,00 EURO

    Is this offer ok? Will it work? It would be very nice to hear some opinions on this config. Thanks a thousend times!

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    Re: is this pc figuration ok?

    Should work just fine... maybe even a bit of overkill here. But make sure you include a GSIF sound card.

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    Re: is this pc figuration ok?

    Hi Rob,
    thanks for giving your opinion. Yes maybe a bit overkill, it\'s because I\'m hoping I could use it longer than one year:-D.

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    Re: is this pc figuration ok?

    one thing that comes to mind is the power adapter being only 300 watts, seems to me the least you would want is 350 and possibly 400 watts. Also not sure how much more it is, but here in the states the difference in price of 256 RAM compared to 512 memory is only about 20-40 dollars so if you can aford an extra 100 dollars to give you an extra 1 gig of RAM then I would go for it.

    one other thing to remind you of, the new hyperthread technology is not working correctly for gigastudio, so make sure you disable this feature when you set up your system, should be fixed later in an update.

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    Re: is this pc figuration ok?

    Hi Eth,
    thank you very much for sharing your knowledge! I think you are totally right, about the RAM (I\'ll get the other 1 gig of RAM later, and just one gig for the moment), and about the tower would \"ANTEC 400W ATX SX1040BII\" be better? Maybe you could suggest a model?

    But I don\'t understand what\'s \"new hyper thread technologie\". What is it? And how can I disable it?
    Thanks once more,

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    Re: is this pc figuration ok?

    I have just built a PC using the same ASUS P4P800 (Deluxe) mobo. Before installing GigaStudio I went into the BIOS and disabled hyperthreading. If I remember correctly, it is in the \"Advanced\" section of the BIOS under \"Processor\". Anyway the manual will tell you.

    So far GS is running well on this new machine. I have a P4 2.8 GHz (800 MHz FSB) and 2GB of PC3200 Crucial RAM. The HDs are Seagate Barracudas (40GB for programs, 160GB for samples). I bought all the parts from newegg.com.

    Before installing GS, I tried out some other programs (eg Kontakt demo) with the hyperthreading still enabled. Now using these same programs after disabling hyperthreading I don\'t notice any significant difference in the level of performance.

    The only problem so far has been the DVD drive. I got a cheap read-only drive from Aopen, but this apparently won\'t read all the files from the DVD disks (VSL) (CD-ROMs work OK though). I am going to switch to a SONY DVD drive.

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    Re: is this pc figuration ok?

    Hi DCB!
    Thanks for the input - very assuring to know you have a similar setup and it works. Greetings to Japan! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: is this pc figuration ok?

    Hey Markus sorry about not replying earlier I\'m actualy out of town on business and had a momment to reply back. I\'m using the Antec Sonata case that I think comes with a 400 Watt supply and is whisper quiet! The thing about hyper-threading that makes it so neat is the fact that it tricks your comp into thinking that it has 2 processors and in return divides the work load on the computer makig multitasking and running several programs at one time much faster. I\'m not familiar with that particular case and power unit you menioned, but ANtec is a solid company and if the price seems right go with it! Good luck!


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    Re: is this pc figuration ok?

    Hi Eth!
    Thanks for giving your opinion! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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