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Topic: Error message please help!!!!

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    Error message please help!!!!

    Why am I getting the following error
    message when I close GS?
    Thanks in advance

    GS caused an invalid page fault in
    module MFC42.DLL at 0167:5f45b99c.
    EAX=00000000 CS=0167 EIP=5f45b99c EFLGS=00010246
    EBX=bff8516b SS=016f ESP=0078fa28 EBP=0078fa48
    ECX=0078fb2c DS=016f ESI=00000000 FS=3727
    EDX=01bf5bf0 ES=016f EDI=0078fb2c GS=0000
    Bytes at CS:EIP:
    8b 40 14 56 05 6c 07 00 00 8b cf 66 89 45 e8 e8
    Stack dump:
    00000000 0078fb2c 000107d0 000b65d5 00000000 00000000 cd8ec000 01bf5bc6 0078fa88 5f45bad4 0078fb2c 0078fa6c 005244e9 0078fc62 00454a2c 9d697c00

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    Re: Error message please help!!!!

    You must detail soundcard and software and maybe I can help you.


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