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Topic: USB Hard Drive

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    USB Hard Drive

    Hi All,
    Just wanted some advice on a set up. [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]
    I have an 80 gig C drive for programs/sequencer and I have 2- 120 gig hard drives -1 EIDE and 1 USB. I want to use 1 for audio and the other for Giga Which should I put giga on? The external or internal. They are both 7200rpm seagate. Only difference is that the internal is 8mb cache. Would the audio drive or giga benefit most from it?


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    Re: USB Hard Drive

    In terms of installing the Giga application itself it should definetely be the C: drive. The samples can sit on any drive you like (as long as its not C

    The basic idea is to have your prgrams on one drive and the samples streaming from another.

    Sorry, just reading your post a little closer; internal, 8 meg cache is proabably the way to go but if your USB drive is USB 2 it is going to stream tres fast also. Why not split the samples and try both to determine best performance?

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