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Topic: single space PC w/ one drive

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    single space PC w/ one drive

    I\'ve heard rumours of guys running Giga on fairly, inexpensive single space rack mounted PCs with just one, big, fast drive (system, samples etc all on one). The source of this \"info\" says that because of the size and speed of newer drives the multiple drive option is less crucial.
    Anyone here have knowledge to confirm or deny?

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    Re: single space PC w/ one drive

    I\'ve got a system running with one drive and it seems to run just fine. It\'s not a single space pc, just a regular tower, but running samples and system off an internal 7200.

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    Re: single space PC w/ one drive

    Thanks , Jeff. Thats good to know.

    If I may pry further, what other hardware specs are on that machine, i.e. ram, proc. speed, brand of hard drive, etc. Which OS are you using XP , 98SE,?

    A tech friend who built my last Giga PC is the one who described these inexpensive single sp. rack machines w/ one drive, and I\'m thinking of getting a few to beef up my Giga set up.


    John Zuker

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    Re: single space PC w/ one drive


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    Re: single space PC w/ one drive

    all my giga PCs are in 2U rack cases cause I just don\'t have the space in my machine room for 4Us.
    Heat is a bit of an issue as there\'s not as much air-flow in smaller cases but you can get pretty thin powerfull fans these days.

    Also the PCI riser cards in my 2U cases only give you 1 AGP and 2 PCI slots, but that\'s enough for a gigabit network card and soundcard....not sure how you\'d get on with a 1U case though if you wanted to add another card....

    Mine are from http://www.acmetech.co.uk/ - bit pricey but they were the only ones I could find which gave you an agp + 2 pci slots.


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    Re: single space PC w/ one drive

    oh - and the other thing about 2u cases is that you get loads of room (more than in the 4u) for drives and CD-roms. They are extra long so have space at the front for 4 CD-roms, or 2 CDs and 2 hard drives, so there\'s no reason to only have 1 drive.


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