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Topic: Keyboard Problem

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    Keyboard Problem

    Hello, Im just trying to hook up my keyboard at the moment to my MiaMida card.

    First off, Im pretty new to this stuff. So these questions may seem silly to you old pro\'s.

    Im using GigaStudio with Sonar as the sequencer. Ive been using GigaStudio for a while while doing songs via the piano roll. But now I want to hook up my keyboard. But I cant seem to get it to function as a controller.

    For this purpose I only need to go out the midi out on the keyboard and in the midi in on the soundcard right?

    I have set my keyboards send channel to 1, and matched it accordingly in Sonar, but still no luck.

    I would be grateful for an suggestions,


    [edit] nevermind, its working [/edit]

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    Re: Keyboard Problem

    Hi, what you said is basically correct. Prehaps try setting your sequencers midi in to \"all midi devices\" or words to that effect. Pretty much all sequencers have the option to listen to any incoming midi message.

    You shouldnt have to specify a midi channel from your keyboard as it is a controller. You want to be able to trigger midi notes for ALL channels.

    Also, check your local ON/OFF setting on your keyboard sometimes that has to be changed too. (Sorry, I cant remember why! I just remember that changing this setting has rectified problems in the past for me.)

    Regards, Scott.

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    Re: Keyboard Problem


    You might want to not run the sequencer and just see if Giga responds to the incoming midi messages if you haven\'t done that already.

    If that works ok it might just be a matter of assigning the sequencer\'s midi output to Giga.

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: Keyboard Problem

    Yep, thanks for the tips guys, its working like a charm now.


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    Re: Keyboard Problem

    That\'s good to hear Dajo, congrats!

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