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Topic: The future of NOTION?

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    The future of NOTION?

    Where does everyone feel NOTION is headed in the next few years? It's made such big progress already, I can't wait to see what's in store in the future. I do think that the quality of samples will continue to improve bit by bit (as they already have) and that before long we can expect to be able to write almost any type of music (with really modern techniques) and have it played back realistically.

    Jason, what are the dreams and aspirations that you have for the further development of this product?

    Michael~ (who is anxiously awaiting the release of expanded strings II...)

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    Re: The future of NOTION?

    Some of the things I've dreamt about having are actually being worked on and will be debuted in some form very soon. I obviously can't say more, but the next couple of months are going to be very exciting for us.

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    Re: The future of NOTION?

    As someone waiting for the new Notion 2 demo so that I can make a purchasing decision, I'd just like to say that from what I already know about how Notion works, I truly hope that what you have *not* dreamt about is open VST architecture. Both Finale and Sibelius have gone that route and the result has been a confusing mess in terms of implementation (especially Sibleius 5). In trying to be everything to everybody (in terms of VST), both of these programs are quickly winding up being far too difficult to navigate through sound sets, playback dictionaries, etc.

    What I hope you *are* dreaming about is even more realistic sounding instruments (and more of them); non-prereverebed sounds that can be enhanced to one's liking through a more robust, built-in reverb module; and more real-time playback features like vamping, trigger-released fermatas, etc.

    Onward and Upward!


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    Re: The future of NOTION?

    I second the above post by DrH ! Especially the non - reverb part since I as an arrangercomposer/conductor have a specific finished sound in my head which may be quite removed from what I'm given to start with.
    There is no erasing the vibrato, or effects that come with an instruments sound, when working with samples, synths, and the like.
    Just as in my little experience in studios in the old days (60's), the producer and engineer wanted as "clean" a sound to start with as possible. We'll juice it up in the mix-down and if we screw it up (add to much) we can always start over with a clean slate!

    Just my 2 - cents worth.


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    Re: The future of NOTION?

    I dont think they are going the VST route at all. I have asked them to give us open (non-stopped) strings, as what they have now is all done with vibrato, and I cant get rid of it even on notes that should be played by a non-stopped string. I think it's a great product over all and they are trying to meet our needs without open architecture. It's still new and has dedicated people, so I would expect they will respect our needs and not expect us to go get sounds from wherever and import them.

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