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Topic: Which keyboard controller do you use and why?

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    Which keyboard controller do you use and why?

    Aside from the computer system housing Giga, I contend that a controller keyboard is THE most important piece of hardware we own, whether it\'s for studio use, live performance or both.

    Having been bitten in the butt many times by the planned obsolescence of hardware synths and digital pianos (who hasn\'t been [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] ), I bought the best controller keyboard I could find seven or eight years ago (to use with midi modules at the time) and have never regretted it. The flexibility of the component approach translates well when using a computer to make music.

    So, if anyone cares to respond, it might be interesting to know which controller(s) some other Giga users prefer.

    I use a Fatar Studio 2001 with 4 midi ins, 4 midi outs, 8 keyboard zones, programmable velocity curves per zone, 88 weighted keys with aftertouch, various programmabe wheels, inputs and sliders, etc. It weighs 49 pounds which is doable for live gigs. The same keyboard action is found in various Kurzweil and Ensoniq products.


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    Re: Which keyboard controller do you use and why?

    For a long time I used a Yamaha SY99. IT has superb controller keyboard features, breath controller, various pedals, excellent responsive aftertouch and two modulation wheels.

    However, I recently purchased a Kawai MP9500 and, although it doesn\'t have aftertouch or breath control, I just can\'t stop using it all the time because of its sublime action. I also bought a WX5 wind controller because I really love controlling sounds with breath and a Peavey 1600 controller for midi messages. The combination is just fantastic and I\'d heartily recommend it to anybody who, like me, loves a good piano action but also plays wind instruments!.

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