I\'m flirting with the possibility of a new system. I\'ve done the \'review\' rounds and it looks like a P4 800MHz fsb provides the best value, SATA raptor raid 0 looks nice and, of course, fast RAM (well, vsts are nice too).

BUT! I searched here and found that some of Peter\'s posts alluded to Mr. Bibbo with some \'dual\' cpu and 64-bit hints. (Thanks for compiling the comments Peter.)

Now, Tascam won\'t tell us anything but I don\'t want to go off half-cocked if the mythical 3.0 does indeed lust for dual processors and 64-bit CPUs.

I\'ve read write-ups on the AMD Opteron and it looks very powerful (and expensive). Board support is skimpy right now (and VERY expensive) but that should change by the time I\'m finished this post.

If I go buy a P4 now and three months into the future Giga 3.0 appears and can actually use 64-bit multi-thread code (microsoft-willing), I will kill myself. (Go buy a P4 Z6!)

Does anyone know anything at all about this? The Opteron looks nice but I wouldn\'t buy (them) it unless I could tap into its (their) full power (or at least have an excuse for blowing so much cash).

Current 1400Mhz Opterons aren\'t \'too\' expensive and the 1400MHz means a 1400Mhz fsb and on-die memory controller also means the RAM is allocated separately to each processor, so it would be useful for 32-bit as well, and should handle oodles of RAM (if Billy Gates says so).

I know people may say a much lighter spec will run Giga, but if 64-bit is in the pipeline, this really would make a difference (to my decision and bankbook - Christine \"I can play the triangle\" Lane thinks I live under a bridge anyway and I wouldn\'t want to prove her right [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img] ). It\'s less than $300 for AMD\'s lowest spec opteron, and around $450 for a dual board, so over $1,000 for a low end 64-bit v $350 for a good spec P4 and board.

Man, I think I\'m turning into Lee (sorry Lee, forgive me for doubting you). I need to have a sign! Give me a sign Tascam! Tell me it\'s 64-bit and scare the poop out of your competition.