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Topic: Fostex digital multitracker to PC via SCSI

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    Fostex digital multitracker to PC via SCSI

    Hi folks,

    I\'m running a Fostex D108 digital multitracker which has .wav capabilitly, meaning that it can write .wav files to DOS formatted drives via the SCSI interface, which can then be read by my computer and transferred back to the D108 after editting if I should so wish.

    What I am wandering is if anyone knows of any way that I could connect the D108 staight to my computer via the Adaptec AU2940-AHA i have installed on my PC (which I already use to interface with my Akai S3000XL), without having to have a SCSI drive in between. I have a drive installed in my PC which I can format and have dedicated to my D108 if needs be.

    I\'ve heard people hint that this may be possible previously, and would very much appreciate it if anyone could suggest any ways this might be possible, suggest any software I should download, suggest anywhere I should look, or even just offer some words of encouragement if it sounds like it could be done, or tell me not to bother if its blatantly not possible.

    Thankyou, my friends around the world!

    Bristol, UK

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    Re: Fostex digital multitracker to PC via SCSI

    Hi Tom

    This may not help you at all. A few years ago I wanted to do something similar with my Kurzweil K2000. That is, I wanted to access an internal pc scsi drive by connecting the scsi port of the k2000 to the scsi port of the pc. The purpose was to download demo samples from the internet and then be able to load them into the k2000 through the scsi cable rather than using lots of floppies.

    In fact, I managed access the pc drive - but - I couldn\'t get access from the pc itself simultaneously and never got the time to sort this out.

    However, I found a good article that may inspire you: http://www.hyperindex.com/k2/k_hardw.htm#SCSI
    (Scroll down to the head line: \"SCSI Info\")


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