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Topic: RME Multiface or Layla24???????

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    RME Multiface or Layla24???????

    Hello i\'ve finally settled completely on my giga machine setup, ( will have the sequencer on the same machine ), (asus mobo, 2gigs memory, p4 2.8, seagate sata drives ), and the only thing that is left to decide is the soundcard, i have researched extensively, and i have come down to two choices that offer me all that i want and need, the RME MULTIFACE and the echo Layla24, the specifications seem to be almost exactly the same, they are pretty closely matched in price too, so i just don\'t know which one to pick, anyone experienced with one of these or both?, i would really like some input in order to make my decision. Since they are both pretty much the same i guess what i need to know now which one is more likely to run \"trouble free\"

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    Re: RME Multiface or Layla24???????

    I have no experience with the RME Multiface but I have used the Layla24 for the past four years. I am immensely happy with the Layla. It has been one of the best purchases I have made for my computer. The Layla24 has stood up to years of regular use without any problems.

    One of the key features that I love about the Layla24 is the software drivers. Echo Audio have made rock-solid, stable drivers for their product line.

    I hope someone will give you their opinion of the RME Multiface, but I thought I would post to praise the Layla24.

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    Re: RME Multiface or Layla24???????

    I have the RME Multiface and Im really happy with it. It just works - never had any trouble with.
    Used to have a Layla 20 that was also ok but in songs where I got pops and clicks with the Layla it was gone with the RME.

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