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Topic: some nasty popping with CW

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    some nasty popping with CW

    OK, I got my GS working with Cakewalk. But now there is a bothersome popping in the output when I control GS from Cakewalk, both during recording and playback. Everything is cool when GS plays direct, though. Any ideas? (sorely needed )
    Again, my setup is:
    PII233 MMX, 3.2GB Quantum Firewall HD, 64 MB RAM, Ensoniq AudioPCI sound card, Yamaha CS1X keyboard, CakewalkPro, GS 1.5

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    Re: some nasty popping with CW

    I\'m no expert, but I assume your hard drive is an ultra dma, that the ultra dma is switched on in Windows, that you\'ve rebooted prior to running gs and cake, that you\'re running cake from within gs. The first place to look is the hard drive: it\'s gotta be scsi or ultra dma; otherwise you\'re sunk. Cakewalk isn;t too much of a mem. pig; but if you have the peared-down version (Home Studio), you could try running that.


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