Bardstown Audio is pleased to announce the release of the 24 Bit \"Vintage Jazz Guitars and Tenor Banjos,\" and \"Classic Accordions\" collections in native Kontakt format. The 24 bit versions of these instrument collections are packaged with both native Kontakt and EXS24 sampler formats.

The highly acclaimed \"Bosendorfer Imperial Model 290\" from Bardstown Audio was released in native Kontakt format as a 24 bit instrument in February, and is packaged with native Kontakt, HALion, and EXS24 sampler formats.

When customers purchase any of our 24 bit sampled instruments, they get all of the available 24 bit sampler formats in the package.

All sampled instruments in all sampler formats from Bardstown Audio have been programmed from scratch without the use of any import or translation programs, thus providing perfect performance and programming.

All sampled instruments from Bardstown Audio are available exclusively from Bardstown Audio. We are the only distributor in the world of our sampled instrument products.

For more information and mp3 demos, you can visit our web site at

Kindest regards,

Kip McGinnis
Bardstown Audio