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Topic: Exceeding my Mobo's 512MB limit?

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    Exceeding my Mobo\'s 512MB limit?

    I have an Asus CUSL2, and in the manual it says it can handle up to 512MB RAM. Anybody know if it\'s possible to add more successfully?



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    Re: Exceeding my Mobo\'s 512MB limit?

    The best way to go about this is to check for a BIOS upgrade for your motherboard. Generally mobo BIOS upgrades gear your motherboard for faster CPU\'s and more RAM.

    Check on the manufacturers site for details.

    Regards, Scott.

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    Re: Exceeding my Mobo\'s 512MB limit?

    thanks-It appears from two attempts now that ASUS no longer posts this info on their site-maybe my mobo\'s too old.

    I\'ll try digging around some more when I have time-or maybe I should take this as a signal to leave it alone (if it ain\'t broke...)


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    Re: Exceeding my Mobo\'s 512MB limit?

    Hi John, yes perhaps its time to relegate that machine to the role of a secondary DAW. I have an old PIII crammed with 446 meg of ram. It works great.

    My main Athlon 2000 has 1gb of RAM and runs the sequencer, VST\'s, etc.

    Regards, Scott.

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    Re: Exceeding my Mobo\'s 512MB limit?

    yeah-it\'s a giga machine, so i\'m trying to squeeze some more loading power out of it. I\'m mostly mac based so this PC stuff is pretty new to me (but getting clearer).

    i definitely appreciate the input tho!


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    Re: Exceeding my Mobo\'s 512MB limit?

    That motherboard is based on the Intel 815 chipset which will only take 512 MB RAM. This is a limitation of the chipset.

    Time to add a 2nd machine and make it your primary and use the old one as a Giga only machine. This is what I did. I also have the same motherboard maxed out.

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