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Topic: Help building a giga pc

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    Help building a giga pc

    What would be the components for a giga pc that will actually work??? I can spend 1500
    I would like to know which, mobo, memory, hd, soundcard, processor, would you recommend?
    I\'ve heard sonar is the sequencer to go with, so i have that part figured out.

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    Re: Help building a giga pc

    Concerning the harddisks you should go for Western Digital Caviar Special Edition Harddisks. I have two 120 GB harddisks at the raid connectors of my motherboard, both harddisks set to master for optimum performance.

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    Re: Help building a giga pc

    Well, here\'s a list of components I bought recently and which I know of that they\'ll work.

    Chaintech 7NIF2 mobo using Nforce 2 chipset.
    cheapest memory I could find
    Western Digital 80 gig WD800JB
    Terratec 24/96 EWX
    Athlon 1800XP

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    Re: Help building a giga pc

    If you want sequencer on same pc as giga this a is a tried and proven set up. Mobo Asus P4C800 deluxe , 1.5-2.gig ram DDR 3200(use kingston or corsiar), Seagate SATA 80 gig and 120 gig,(these are wisper quiet) audio card Echo Mia Midi, Processor 2.4 (or 2.8) with Hyperthreading technology and 800 FSB. (although it seems on giga you need to turn hypertreading off until a newer update fixes the issue. I use the Antec Sonata case and it is really quiet! (all this and video card is under 1k on pricegrabber dot com and still have money for sonar)

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    Re: Help building a giga pc

    žETH has a nice setup. Here\'s my fav:

    Asus MB - (They\'re fanless.)
    Name brand RAM - PC3200
    Radeon 9200 - no fan
    Fortron Power - quiet
    Seagate ATA-IV or ATA-V HD - quiet
    Thermalright SLK900 or Zalman 6500/6000 Cu heatsink
    Generic DVD/CD-ROM

    Take your pick between AMD and Intel - both work fine.

    And for a low-cost soundcard:

    Echo MIA or MIA MIDI - balanced I/O - 4 virtual output pairs


    Long enough cables to get the sucker out of the room. In that case a shuttle or small rack mount PC would be cool.

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