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Topic: Windows can't find audio card

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    Windows can\'t find audio card

    I just upgraded to XP and Gigastudio was making some clicks, etc. So on the advice of some nice people here I went to musicxp.com and did the tweaks recommended.

    But now Windows itself can\'t find my sound card. Giga and Reason see it fine, but Media player reports \"no sound device available\" when I try to play a file, and in the sound control panel, under the \"audio\" tab, the sound playback area reports \"no playback devices\".

    I\'ve tried all the obvious stuff like changing slots, resolving IRQ conflicts, deleting and reinstalling the latest drivers, un-doing the xp tweaks, etc...

    Any ideas???


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    Re: Windows can\'t find audio card

    Hi Henry, I just noticed this post after I answered your other one!

    Go to control panel> click on system> hardware> device manager.

    Chances are that your sound card is there but has not software to run it. Look for anything in the list with a yellow exclamation mark. It will probably be called something generic like \"multimedia device\". Click on that and there will be some sort of option to install drivers for it. Have your sound card drivers handy and install them when prompted.

    I would think this is what has happened. The sound card is there, but Windows doesnt know how to properly run it.

    Regards, Scott.

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    Re: Windows can\'t find audio card

    You must\'ve checked the Do Not Map Thru This Device.
    Go and uncheck it.

    I\'m getting to the point of not doing every tweak I read. You see often in many forums......I did all the tweaks.........now my system won\'t......

    I guess sometimes it\'s best to run everything without the tweaks first and if it\'s fine then stick with it.

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