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Topic: Terratec DMX 6 fire multiclient

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    Terratec DMX 6 fire multiclient

    Hi I sold that audiophile card in the end. Anyway I got a different card the DMX 6fire, ok I found out it supports giga fine. I have a new problem now tho. its using Cubase SX and gigastudio at the same time. See using gigastudio is ok and I can load up Cubase SX but only one of them can have the output!!! this sucks because I want to record gig whilst playing along to some drums in cubase SX etc. I have tried different routing etc but it seems that both giga and cubase SX will only produce sound if on outputs 1/2. The problem is they cannot share outputs 1/2 and all the other ouputs are for surround sound stuff, highly annoying! At least with the audiophile I could easily do stuff like this. I would phone terratec technical support but I rang them to ask about giga compatibility and they didn\'t even know!!!! technical support is weak [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

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    Re: Terratec DMX 6 fire multiclient

    Hmm, I thought the DMX 6 was a gaming card? [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

    There\'s no multiclient driver?

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    Re: Terratec DMX 6 fire multiclient

    Its not a gaming card at all, its a pro soundcard which is basically the same as the terratec 24/96 only it has a breakout box on the front for inputs and outputs. Yes it supports gigastudio pretty well, better than my M-audio card did anyway.

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    Re: Terratec DMX 6 fire multiclient

    I use terratec 24/96 cards myself.

    You did enable the multi-client mode in the asio driver panel?

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    Re: Terratec DMX 6 fire multiclient

    You must use the newest driver from
    and you must choose the right asio driver for dmx/6fire in your cubase audio system.

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    Re: Terratec DMX 6 fire multiclient

    I think you should first watch very carefuly what kind of possibilities a sound card has: how many I/O\'s, what kind of I/O\'s, etc., before you buy a soundcart.

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