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Topic: Sounding an octave lower...why?

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    Sounding an octave lower...why?

    I am using the Vitous Minidisk with Finale and when I use the playback feature the instruments are sounding an octave lower than printed. Anyone have any clues? All my transpositions are fine and my Proteus 2 is not having this problem but the GS is.

    Then I saved and flew the same file as midi into Cakewalk and had the same problem. Huh? I am definitely missing something.

    Thanks. Matty P out.

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    Re: Sounding an octave lower...why?

    Thanks Terry but that was the first thing I did and it only pitched the notes lower. Now they sound an octave lower and extra flabby. Oy! This is frustrating. I know I\'m missing something very simple but what is it?

    Matty P

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    Re: Sounding an octave lower...why?

    You need to un-check the \"Retune Regions When Dragging\" option under Preferences.

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    Re: Sounding an octave lower...why?

    Thank you Bill, Thank you Terry! I just found it and got back online to say disregard the last e-mail! Whew, I knew it was simple.

    Matty P

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    Re: Sounding an octave lower...why?

    I have had the same problem with Advanced Orchestra. Here is how you fix it. Go to Giga editor. Highlight the region by dragging across all notes. Hold down control and drag all notes to the left 1 or more octaves as needed. Save the file. Problem fixed.


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