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Topic: LCD Flat panel and KVM switches?

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    LCD Flat panel and KVM switches?

    Anyone using a flatpanel LCD display with a KVM switch? What\'s your experience? Which monitor, which KVM and what resolution/refresh are you at? I\'m about ready to buy 2 17\" NEC/Mitsu flat panels to reduce the heat in the studio siginificantly from the 15\" roasting/heating element monitors I currently have, but I want to make SURE before I lay down over $800 first.

    Mainly I\'m concerned I\'m going to get hardcore ghosting, or problems going through my 4 port Linksys KVM switch, and want to make sure there isn\'t going to be a problem before I order.



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    Re: LCD Flat panel and KVM switches?

    Originally posted by DevonB:
    which KVM
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">IoGear GCS84B MiniView SE 4 port Desktop PS/2. Works as advertised.

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    Re: LCD Flat panel and KVM switches?

    I\'m also using an IOGear KVM switch. The image is crystal clear with the 17\" Samsung LCD display I\'m using. No ghosting at all. BTW, I had all sorts of screen distortion with 2 other regular CRT monitors that I was using before with the same setup.

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