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Topic: White Grand + PianoTeq

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    White Grand + PianoTeq

    Let's get married best of both worlds!

    Here is a quick made mp3
    I use "pedal up" samples from White Grand (Sampletekk) ans all the rest (sympathetic resonance, global piano resonance...) is made by PianoTeq.

    I play first a large voicing C-G-E and keep it with left hand (without sustain pedal) while I play other things on right hand to show the sympathetic resonance as an acoustic piano does. Then I play with sustain pedal to sho overall piano resonance.

    There are maybe things to improve, but IMO, this marriage sounds so good!


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    Re: White Grand + PianoTeq

    MOST interesting!

    Let me repeat that: MOST interesting!


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    Wink Re: White Grand + PianoTeq

    Ooooooh, wouw, THAT´S the right way!

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    Re: White Grand + PianoTeq

    This was about how I could play for hours as a boy on the grand piano I inherited from my grandfather. Listening to those evolving resonance sounds did open a new world for me, and it was much more interesting than the playing itself.

    Thank you for that, must google pianoteq ... !!!

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: White Grand + PianoTeq

    no need to google: www.pianoteq.com

    If you want speak to Niclas, and mention my name hahahahaha!

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    Re: White Grand + PianoTeq

    xav93, could you explain to this technoignoramus how you combined those two?

    PS, listened again to your "Skylark" demo. You really should be doing this full time.

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    Re: White Grand + PianoTeq

    That sounds fantastic. I have pianoteq but not sure how to duplicate your results? I don't have White Grand but I do have the grand piano with Kontact, could I create something similar?

    Also are we hearing all of pianoteq with White Grand pedal up samples added? Or is pianoteq reduced some way? Could you explain? Thanks.

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    Re: White Grand + PianoTeq

    Same question here. I know its easy enough to disable or delete pedal down samples in a White Grand GS3 or NI lib, but how is the Pianoteq side done? I assume its by script. But I'm wondering if you're resonating the White Grand samples or the Pianoteq synth sound. However you did it, it sounds great.


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    Re: White Grand + PianoTeq

    Well, here are some explainations for interested ones. Nothing complicated.
    I play live Kontakt 2 with "pedal up" White Grand samples and pianoteq with a preset I called "harmo", both at the same time.
    The pianoteq's tweaks are globally like on the image below.

    I set "global resonance" to max, lower "volume", raise "sympathetic resonance", adjust "octave stretching" and "unisson width", lower "hammer noise", and adjust REVERB or cut it. Everything depends on the piano to embellish.

    The must would be to add a button in Pianoteq to let only harmonics and resonances to sound.

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    Re: White Grand + PianoTeq

    Thank you!

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