I\'m about to get into video game music scoring and have purchased a Protools HD system with at least one 192 digital interface. I am also about to purchase a few Gigastudio systems. This will allow me to bring in 8 channels of each Gigastudio system audio via lightpipe. Anyways, here are a few questions concerning this and I would love you guys if you can help me out!!

I am thinking of going with the RME HDSP cards for each gigastudio.I know this will give me 3 channels of lightpipe for each gigastudio even though I only need one to bring into Protools. The other 2 will probably go unused. Is there a better choice? Plus, how many MIDI inputs do I want connected with each system? I always assuemed that GIga couldn\'t handle more than 16 channels at once but it looks like I\'m wrong. If I have a gig of ram for each machine, do I want to try to find a midi interface in addition to the RME for each Giga in order to give me 4 Midi inputs for 64 channels? If that\'s the case I\'d rather go with MIDILAN but I\'m going to be running a MAC Protools HD so I don\'t know if that\'s possible...

Last question...If I want, I can purchase LOGIC to use with the Protools HD hardware. Since I love the simplicity of Protools, I\'d rather stay completely in it, but everyone seems to say that Logic\'s sequencing is far superior. For those of you that have worked with both, what do you think? Should I spend an extra grand to have Logic and deal with the issues of learning new software, etc...? Or will the sequencing in Protools do? I will mainly be scoring orchestral pieces using Garritan, Dan Dean, etc..
Thanks a lot guys!!!!!