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Topic: New sound card Had enough of Audiophile!

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    New sound card Had enough of Audiophile!


    Ive had my audiophile 24/96 and could never get it full working since i upgraded to XP. Now I recent upgraded to pentium 4 to resolve the issue. The problem is a strange one I will get a blip every now and then, sometimes it will not happen for 10 minutes and sometimes it will happen twice in 1 second. Anyway Ive tried everything else and I am going to get a new card. I need something pretty much exactley like the Audiophile so I can plug my midi keyboard in and use Gigastudio nice and fast. But the main this Is that is must be really compatible with windows XP etc. If anyones got any ideas I would be very grateful!


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    Re: New sound card Had enough of Audiophile!

    have ya checked out Echo Mia Midi? It\'s arround the same price and has 8 virtual outs on it.

    have you read your manual about how to adjust the latency on the audiophile? There is something in the Giga manual as well changing buffer size etc...? I\'d try that first before you spend more money [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: New sound card Had enough of Audiophile!

    Probably the audiophile would be fine if used something else for MIDI.

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    Re: New sound card Had enough of Audiophile!


    Please explain what you mean, something else for Midi? I get pops even when playing Audio. The card is a nightmare totally. I even have a WAV recording showing the problem if youre interested. Also I know my stuff about this, Ive tried everything, its gotta be some hardware problem.

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    Re: New sound card Had enough of Audiophile!

    hmmm it sounds like buffer and latency set up problems, what is your DMA buffer set at? i left mine at 384 and It\'s fine. Have you toyed with the dithering? What is your hard drive? (at least 7200 with 8 meg cache?)

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    Re: New sound card Had enough of Audiophile!

    The card is a nightmare totally
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Just to let you know Mus, I\'m running two Audiophile 24/96\'s (one on XP, one on 98) and they are both working great for me. So there is probably something not set up right with your system. Especially if you are getting plops in your regular non-Giga audio. Sounds like some sort of system conflict to me. Sorry it isn\'t working for you.

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    Re: New sound card Had enough of Audiophile!

    Maybe also post what motherboard you are using - which might also be another consideration in compatibility with the soundcard. I have p4 with gigabyte motherboard and like RME Hammerfall Multiface...has all the outs.


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    Re: New sound card Had enough of Audiophile!

    Am I the only one who thinks the pops are the result of a faulty clock? It\'s possible your card\'s internal clock is slipping, simply because it \'s got a circuit that\'s going bad. I had similar problems with my motu 2408, so I bought another one, and guess what, it had the same problem! I took it back and exchanged it for another one which finally worked.

    The way they make these digital PCI cards must be sloppy or something, hit and miss.

    Good luck,

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    Re: New sound card Had enough of Audiophile!

    Hi All,

    I have three cards from different manufacturers and only one of them has failed to function properly from the start and continues to do so, my Audiophile 2496. The ESI (formerly Egosystems) Waveterminal 2496 has become the workhorse of my Giga system. My RME Dig 24/8 PST has worked rock solid from the first time I installed it and reinstalled it. It has been the most trouble free piece of computer gear I\'ve ever owned.

    My problem with the Audiophile is the S/PDIF output just doesn\'t work. It sounds fine, but for the life of me I can\'t get the digital output functioning. I built a second machine around this card and this crucial function refuses to work. ARGH! I should have saved up a boit longer and just bought another RME card. You don\'t have to buy a Hammerfall to get RME quality.

    Steve Chandler

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    Re: New sound card Had enough of Audiophile!

    Have you tried disabling ACPI?

    I\'ve been having a similar problem, just got rid of ACPI and will be \'roadtesting\' the system tomorrow. If it works out I\'ll post again.

    Incidentally Steve, I haven\'t been able to get SPDIF working either- although I find the manual a bit tough to understand and may be doing something wrong.



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