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Topic: WOMAN OF WINDSWEPT YEARS - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

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    Arrow WOMAN OF WINDSWEPT YEARS - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    By David J. Sosnowski
    For Symphony Orchestra

    To listen:




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    Senior Member rpearl's Avatar
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    Jan 2005

    Re: WOMAN OF WINDSWEPT YEARS - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)


    There are so many gestures that, by now, are familiar in your work: the bluesy slides at just the right moment, the outbursts of the solo piano as it emerges from the orchestral texture, and an underlying lyricism. The opening reminded me of Catherine in Winter - the same subject, perhaps? The way the piece evolves into a more complex fabric, then pulls away, yet always with a forward momentum is a pleasure. And such an ending - it would have been tempting to have a kind of lush "resolution", but clearly, here, the wind is still active, sweeping, and promising growth yet to come.

    This is just a first impression. I'll have to come back again, listen some more, and then, perhaps be coherent...If you haven't already figured it out, I really enjoyed this. Writing of this sort demands active listening -which means repeated listening, and that is something I intend to do.

    As always, thank you for sharing your gifts with us. As always, the pleasure is all ours.

    Ron Pearl





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    Re: WOMAN OF WINDSWEPT YEARS - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    very beautiful, David. of course, there's no surprise there.

    one detail that I found particularly beautiful was the pp violin entrance on the high flute note in the beginning.

    the woodwind theme in the opening also, with its lovely leaps.

    very, very, atmospheric.

    Unlike Ron, I cared less for the bluesy effects... but I'm really not a jazz man at all. I liked the delicate, almost pointillistic effects. And the way you tease with a rich entrance in the low strings that quickly fades away just as we expect a surge of string sound.

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    Re: WOMAN OF WINDSWEPT YEARS - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    Another Etlux piece to learn from.
    I don't know how you do this David...

    Cool, very cool

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    Re: WOMAN OF WINDSWEPT YEARS - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    I like the way the music seems to float thru out the piece. There's not a detectable pulse; the music proceeds in a relaxed manner.
    A little loud for a "contemplation" tape, but it seems to elicit floating...

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    Re: WOMAN OF WINDSWEPT YEARS - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)


    The newsletter works in miracles! At leats for me it did! (may I ask how many have registered please?)

    On the work and the rendering.

    I find it much more static than the previous works, but of course the "theme" is different, and the addition of the piano works great! (I am eagerly waiting for the score as well , right?) In fact I find it a bit... lingering somehow, with a small feeling of not going somewhere. Again it may very well be the theme, but I didn't get that feeling from your other works.

    Still it has the characteristic sound of your works and very much feels like a finished piece, as it should, of course. The use of Finale and GPO is, once again quite remarkable as well

    Thank yuo for posting and for letting us know of your new work, via newsletter

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    Senior Member rayzalaf's Avatar
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    Re: WOMAN OF WINDSWEPT YEARS - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)


    I live with a woman just like this.
    Probably one needs to be of a certain age not to rely solely on imagination.
    That's why the nikolas post above makes me laugh.
    Premiership quality from start to finish. A lesson for all.
    A pleasure, associating with, and hopefully learning from such a talent.

    Yours Sincerely


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    Re: WOMAN OF WINDSWEPT YEARS - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    Sooo pretty nice, David!

    It`s as always, I like this work very very much, it invites me to leave the material world and let me float.

    Bey best,

    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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    Re: WOMAN OF WINDSWEPT YEARS - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    As always David, this is fantastic. You have a truly unique voice, and also an ability to make me forget that I'm listening to samples.

    I love the piano writing in this piece. If ever you're staging a performance of it in the UK I'd gladly play the piano parts for free.

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    Re: WOMAN OF WINDSWEPT YEARS - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    People always tend to categorize music, putting a label on it. Having listened to your music I certainly can NOT. It is beyond any box, label or category.
    It is just beautiful, even more.......

    You left me speechless,



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