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Topic: My Midi out doesn't work...solutions?

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    My Midi out doesn\'t work...solutions?

    Hey I think something evil possesed my Keyboard. I use the Roland XP-60 as my main controller and for the life of me the midi out does not work when I plug it into the computer, but to play it without or to use 1/4 in jacks it works fine. Does anyone know if it would be economical to send it in for repairs or should I just get a portable controller like the Fatar 990 or similar? If I did get a new controller I\'d like to stay under $500. I\'ve had my Roland for about 7 years now, I\'m not sure it\'s under warrenty anymore.

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    Re: My Midi out doesn\'t work...solutions?

    it might be a cable issue, have you tied a new MIDI cable?

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    Re: My Midi out doesn\'t work...solutions?

    I tried my Midi cable with the serrial cable, and also one with usb, and neither is working.

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    Re: My Midi out doesn\'t work...solutions?

    Are you sure it\'s the Roland and not your midi interface? Have you checked with another piece of gear (i.e. an external sound module) that the Roland is definitely not transmitting MIDI?


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    Re: My Midi out doesn\'t work...solutions?

    Well I have narrowed it down to some sort of hardware routing problem. It\'s a totally new set up for me. Here is a Listing of my equipment, maybe someone can help me figure wich buttens I need to check in Giga and on my System Set up.

    Win XP
    2.8 P4
    2 gig DDR 400 memory
    Seagate SATA 7200.7 80 Gig (aplication )
    Seagate SATA 7200.7 120 gig (sample)
    Asus P4C800 Mobo
    Echo Mia Midi
    M audio audiophile
    (giga is Ver. 2.53)

    Radium 61 key controller, and Roland XP60 keyboard

    This is suposed to be my sequencing computer but my motherboard for the giga is not in yet so I just swapped over the hard drives with GIGA on it until the new board comes in.
    The problem is If I select the onboard sound card all my sounds work except in giga, but when I choose either the Mia midi or the Audiophile card no sound what so ever is playing even though the console shows the input bars are moving up and down when keys are being pushed. (Now sometimes the keyboard keys will actually trigger the virtual keyboard in Giga but no sound comes out, but usuallly that does not even work and I have to click with the mouse on the virtual keyboard and that does not even put out sound. So I\'m thinking I got confused somewhere in my routing of my hardware and need to change something on my computer settings. Any ideas would be great since I have saving for a whole year for everything when i finally orderd all my equipment and librarys nothing is working [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

    I thought I might throw in the fact that my particular motherboard does not have enough plug ins for my speaker set up. I\'m a newbie so I\'m using my old gaming speakers 4 surround and a sub, so the motherboard only has the digital jack, ond one other plug in where my old soundblaster live had a jack for all the cables coming back in. The system still works as far as I can tell and I\'m pretty certian I have downloaded the newest drives for everything except the giga 2.54 and I\'ll do that later when my internet is back online. Thanks again [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: My Midi out doesn\'t work...solutions?

    Hi Seth,

    I had similar problem. Re-installed the sound card drivers and midi worked again.

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    Re: My Midi out doesn\'t work...solutions?

    Have you got the Local set to on or off? THe only time I had a weird problem like that was with that setting... I can\'t remember if you should leave it on or off though.. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] One of them will disable triggering out ot an external device.

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    Re: My Midi out doesn\'t work...solutions?

    OOOPSIE I forgot to reply back to this thread, I fixed it. Turned out I was trying to do too many things at one time and I forgot to plug the digtial out from the motherboard back into the actual audio cards. I\'m not sure if thats what I ned to do 100% but it works now. I also keep getting conflicts with my USB drivers on my MIDIMAN Radium and USB Uno so that was part of the problem as well. I basicaly have to reinstall the drivers if I reboot the computer!

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