Hi all,

I still have GigaSampler, so no reverb. Although I might upgrade to GigaStudio, I\'m more inclined to buy an external device. Advantages:
- Less risk that it won\'t work. Even GigaSampler has some tiny tick and crackles.
- I expect an externab reverb to have a better sound quality. Is this true?
- Usable for other sources too (mic, guitar, mixer)

Here, in the Netherlands, 3 devices are similarly priced:
- Roland SRV 3030D € 300
- Yamaha REV 500 multi effect € 300
- Lexicon MPX 110 € 250 (MPX 550 € 400)
- TC Electrionics M300 € 300

Important are:
- Good true stereo reverbs
- Room (for playing Steinway sample)
- Church (for playing pipe organ samples)
- Concert hall
- Mostly I play using headphones, so the reverbs should sound best on headphones

Nice would be:
- Optical Input
- Midi controllable
- Other effects.

I\'ve read some reviews about some of these devices, but it\'s hard to compare them. It\'s also hard to go to the shop and try them out. Therefore, I\'d appreciate your opinions, experiences, comments etc.