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Topic: Real World Requirements for Giga?

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    Real World Requirements for Giga?

    I\'m about to jump into a 4 computer rig to run Giga and maybe one or two odds and ends and I would like to know what\'s the least amount of power I can get away with? For instance, say I wanted to run the VSL library and split it over four machines (or two? you tell me, I\'ve never done this) Anyway, lets say four machines configured to be standalone samplers running Gigastudio 160. Do I need a 2.4ghz P1V or is 2ghz good enough? Let\'s say the machines are running XP can I get away with a gig of RAM. I know more is better but the thing is I\'ve got a line on 4- Micron ClientPro (325?) 2ghz P1V, XP Pro, CD drive, with only two Ram slots. So max memory is 1gig. I can get these machines for $550 each.

    Is this the best I can do or should I hold out for more Ram? The building-your-own thing is a little bit too much for me right now I think, plus for a little bit more you can get a real warranty and support.

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    Re: Real World Requirements for Giga?

    The slower processor should be fine, but 1GB of RAM might be a bit small under XP, if you plan to push Giga to its limits.

    I recently bought Kirk Hunter\'s Solo Strings (nice lib, BTW), and wasn\'t able to load the full violin set under XP with 512 MB. 1GB would have been marginal for loading all of the sounds, so I went for 1.5 GB and it works great.

    I e-mailed Kirk, and found out that he\'s running 384 MB on a Windows ME machine! This really proved to me that XP (and its W2000 cousin) is more memory hungry than the older OSs.

    So, I would either look for a 1.5 GB to 2.0 GB solution, or consider going with 1 GB and Windows 98 SE. It\'s not as stable as XP, but should be able to load more voices. And don\'t worry about getting the fastest processor. Just get a nice motherboard, so you can upgrade the processor later, if needed by Giga 3.0.

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    Re: Real World Requirements for Giga?

    A PIII800 will happily run 160 voices on Gigastudio. You really don\'t NEED more than that if you aren\'t sticking 4 different NFX inserts on every Giga DSP channel.

    Ram is important because more ram = a greater number of samples loaded simultaneously, and VSL uses lots of samples. Yes, they stream from hard disk - but each stream starts with a little buffer (say 64kb) of ram, to make it playable in real time. Eventually all these buffers add up. New libraries use hundreds or thousands of samples depending on their complexity.

    The future is another matter. Who knows what Gigastudio 3, Kontakt 2 or Halion 3 hold in store in terms of system requirements?

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    Re: Real World Requirements for Giga?

    Jon, what\'s a nice motherboard? I have no clue. I can tell by now that it would be nice to have 4 Ram slots and that\'s about all I know. A lot of guys are liking Asus. Seems like the chips themselves aren\'t that expensive so I might as well get the PIV, 2.4 ghz. I know I\'ll be needing it eventually. )Actually never mind, I don\'t know what I\'m talking about)

    I know this is getting into a whole can of worms but, King mentioned it (well, OK.... more than mentioned it) Can\'t somebody just say, look, just get this and you\'ll be all right. Like, what\'s the humblest machine I can get away with? and still be reasonably future-proof?

    Chadwick, your idea about the P111 sounds good (read inexpensive, hey I\'m gonna buy a few of these things) but I\'m thinking that could very well box me in - in the future. I\'m already waiting for giga 3.0 and I don\'t even have 2.5 yet. How\'s that for an advanced case of gear lust?

    Anyway, thanks a lot for the help.

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