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Topic: What is typical latency with Hammerfall + Gigastudio?

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    What is typical latency with Hammerfall + Gigastudio?

    The lowest latency I can use with my RME Hammerfall 9636 on an Athlon XP 1800 system is 6 msec (with full polyphony). The next lower setting (3 msec) gives a lot of crackles.

    Just want to check if 6 msec is indeed the best you can expect with this setup.


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    Re: What is typical latency with Hammerfall + Gigastudio?

    I\'ve read that anything under 10 ms is adequate, though I\'ve never done any psycho-acoustical tests or anything like that. Do you perceive any latency at 6 ms? From what I\'ve read on the Tascam board, that\'s about as low as it gets for GSIF cards.

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    Re: What is typical latency with Hammerfall + Gigastudio?

    I am most worried about the total delay, from sequencer (midi) to sampler via MidiOverLan and then as audio back via Adat into the sequencer, so there are multiple delays involved. I agree that the difference between 3 and 6 msec is not noticable, but when figures like 6 msec are added a few times in the chain, it does become noticable.

    Especially when I need to set my sequencer\'s audio latency to 10 or 23 msec, playing from the keyboard really starts to feel muddy.

    I sometimes need the higher settings, when I run plugins on my audio inputs (to check proper balance and panning etc).

    So, I am really checking what the lowest possible latency is for each part in the chain. Would faster CPUs make any difference?


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    Re: What is typical latency with Hammerfall + Gigastudio?

    Why not run both the sequencer PC and the Giga PC audio directly to the monitors? The length of the chain will be minimal.

    Rather than record into the sequencer, record directly from Giga to wave. Yeah, you\'ve got to drag the file to the other PC and put it on the desired track, but at least it solves the latency problem.

    23 ms must be terrible(!) I know that capturing to wave isn\'t ideal, but it\'s cheaper than going with outboard gear, and solves the latency problem.

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    Re: What is typical latency with Hammerfall + Gigastudio?

    please understand that I only have this high 23 msec latency when I want to bounce a stereo mix from my Logic input mixer. In this setup I use some 14 EQ\'s, 2 verbs and 9 Cakewalk SoundStage instances directly on my 12 stereo inputs (3 adats).
    So, ok, when I want to play along with this, that sucks, but normally for recording I disable the SoundStages as well as part of the verb setup and switch the driver back to 6 msec on the sequencer PC as well.

    My question was mainly focused on the total delay involved in
    a) sampler latency (midi and audio),
    b) the midi transmission delays and
    c) the sequencer audio input part
    and hoping to be able to further optimize this part of my setup. I admit that shaving off a mere 3 msec is not really looking promising [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

    Capturing to wave is not an option, that\'s way too much work. Plus, you cannot capture ALL output ports. In my setup I can capture/record multiple tracks at once and have them already aligned quite well.

    I think I should try to measure the turn-around time, from midi note-on to the first audio in events from, say, a triangle sound. I have no idea what the typical latency of my MidiOverLan setup is and if there is much variation in the delays.

    I am now working on levels, panning etc using my Logic input mixer. When that\'s ok, I will focus on the audio tracks onto which I record subsets of my (input) instrument groups. Hopefully I can find some general (negative) delay to compensate for the total amount of delay involved.

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    Re: What is typical latency with Hammerfall + Gigastudio?

    I appreciate your situation.

    It would be nice if Giga would allow separate audio capture of the various ports simultaneously. It would still be more work than a direct record, but much less work than the single capture solution that is offered now.

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