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Topic: Delta users help! No SPDIF out in GIGA

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    Delta users help! No SPDIF out in GIGA

    Hi there. Sorry to post this twice.
    How can I get Gigastudio to (see) the SPDIF out of my Delta Dio 2496?
    After setting XP to send sounds out SPDIF, EVERY windows programs works BUT Gigastudio. In the Delta control panel it shows Giga going out Wav analog. I tried channels 3 and 4 (this should be the digital out)in Giga and same result. Am I missing something here or am I out of luck?
    Is there another way to route the digital audio out of giga? It just seems to defalt to analog.
    thank you!

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    Re: Delta users help! No SPDIF out in GIGA

    haha...this is funny..everytime I make progress there is a new road block...gotta love computers.
    By unclicking outputs 1&2 and leaving 3&4 checked in giga, then assigning the DSP and instruments to 3&4...the SPDIF output now works!
    now there is a HORRIBLE latencey when I play an instrument! AHHHHH!

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