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Topic: Ditching hardware samplers!....but

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    Ditching hardware samplers!....but

    Unfortunately, i have to admitt that hardware samplers are fading fast, i have an emu 6400 ultra, and a akai s5000. we all know the limitations, small sample memmory, long load time, expensive to upgrade, for these reasons i want to sell these things while i can and go the route of a giga setup. i think giga is a great product, and possibility of having all your samples in one place with instant access is very tempting, whould any of you advise that i sell my current hardware samplers to invest in a giga setup, plus would you advise i buy a pc setup for giga like the ones sweetwater sells? any advise would be very helpfull

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    Re: Ditching hardware samplers!....but

    If you don\'t have experience building PCs and don\'t have a computer geek friend who\'s willing to give his time for free and be on call, a turnkey solution is perfect - especially if you are working from a rate card. For hobbyists like me time is just time. For pros time is manna.

    Sweetwater would be a good choice. I\'ve read a small number of posts from people who had bought systems from companies which are no longer with us. Bye, bye support. Unless they use Arthur Anderson and sell overpriced electricity on the side, Sweetwater isn\'t likely maroon you anytime soon.

    Then again, I don\'t have any direct experience with their systems. I\'m a computer geek and I work for myself for free.

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