Is anyone using a MOTU system with Giga?

I\'ve got it working fairly well, but only under PCI 324 or 424 internal sync (I\'ve tried both cards). And it\'s a little shaky - Giga doesn\'t see the card about 20% of the time - so I just leave the computer turned on. Also, just touching the sync drop-down in the MOTU PCI Audio control panel dooms me to several restart/relaunch GigaStudio reps.

Just fishing for pointers if anyone has any. MOTU is looking into it as well. If this were a Mac, it might be a conflict between the internal built-in sound card crap and the MOTU drivers. But Windows says it\'s all good.

P4, 845 GE-based motherboard; I\'ve tried the cards in different PCI slots.

I should add that using the internal sync isn\'t a long-term option, because this thing has to play with other equipment in my studio.