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Topic: 2 CPU setup-sound card suggestions?

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    2 CPU setup-sound card suggestions?

    I use a G4 DP 1ghz (\'mirrored drive door\'), a digi 001, amt8 midi interface.
    I recently decided to 1) replace my 001 with a better audio card; 2) Get a custom PC built with Gigastudio and integrate it into my whole setup.
    Originally, I was thinking of getting either the RME multiface + PCI or the Metric Halo 2882 Mobile i/o to replace the digi 001.
    As for a sound card for the PC, I really need some tips on what card to get and how to hook everything up.
    At first I thought I\'d be fine with a cheap card with 2 analog outs. That way I could route all my giga samples to the output pair and still be able to monitor each of my Mac midi tracks. But, when it comes time to create individual audio tracks from each midi track, I\'ll have to route each corresponding giga sound 1 at a time to my PC card\'s output pair. Inefficient.
    So, I started thinking about the advantages of getting a digital card for the PC with 1 or 2 optical outs, so I could send 8 or 16 tracks at a time to my mac, without converting out of digital. But if I get the multiface for my mac, I think it only has 1 optical in, and I don\'t want the digiface, because I need all the analogue i/o on the multiface for all my gear.
    I\'ve seen some other RME cards in the HDSP series with optical i/o and no need for a breakout box, but they\'re all pretty expensive. And if I get the multiface for my mac, , I\'d only be able to use a card with 1 optical out for the PC.
    So what do you think would be a good pair of sound cards that would work with my upcoming giga setup?
    I really don\'t have much to spend, so I guess I\'ll have to live with a single optical in on my mac card and a single optical out on my PC card. Unless, of course, someone can suggest a pair of cards each with multiple optical i/o\'s and one of them with 8 or more analog i/o that\'s the same high-quality as RME but not as expensive?
    And does anyone know if the Metric Halo mobile i/o has giga drivers (in case I get that for the mac)?
    Thanks so much,
    Peter [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: 2 CPU setup-sound card suggestions?

    Hi Peter, another approach would be to put your Mac and PC(s) on a small TCP/IP network. On your PC you could then render the Giga file and send it across the network.

    I use a cheap Audiophile 2496 card on my second DAW. It is really only used for monitoring the sound coming out of that machine. Ultimately all the files get rendered from DAW-2 and ported across the network to my main DAW for mixdown.

    Oh, and for Giga (GSIF) compatible cards, there is a list over at www.nemesysmusic.com

    Regards, Scott.

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