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Topic: voices cutting out

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    voices cutting out

    I have Gigasampler LE and am using Cakewalk 7.02. I\'m running both on a Western Digital UDMA33 8.4Gig HD, 300MHz PII, 320MB RAM. Voices are cutting off even though I only have about 10! It\'s usually the same voice, a simple crash. I\'m using an AWE64Gold. Any ideas? I think I read that some put Giga and their sequencer on separate drives. Is this the problem? I assume it isn\'t since I don\'t even have any audio tracks yet. It\'s all MIDI.
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    Re: voices cutting out

    Check your performance file it maybe corrupt. Someone a few day ago had a similar problem and found that the performance file in use was corrupt.

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    Re: voices cutting out

    Well, I remade the performance file with the same instruments and I\'m getting exactly the same problem. Something else must be going wrong. I also reinstalled Gigasampler and that did nothing.
    Thanks for the quick reply.
    Any more ideas?


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    Re: voices cutting out

    I\'ve been having the same problem. Using a steady drum pattern across the first 3 channels and one steady note (which I\'m holding) on the forth which keeps cutting out after about a bar. If I mute the drums it plays fine. I\'m using Giga 1.6 and Cakewalk 8 w/ a SB Live.

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    Re: voices cutting out

    Well at least I know I\'m not the only one now! Anyone else experiencing polyphony problems? If you aren\'t, could you please post your WORKING setup? Maybe I can compare it with mine and find out the problem.
    What\'s your setup Dave?

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    Re: voices cutting out

    Have you tried defragmenting your hard drive?

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    Re: voices cutting out

    I have a P3 450Mhz w UDMA HD 10gig. 128 MB RAM. Gigasampler polyphony set to 64 Voice. 10 Transition Voices. I have found that the higher the note of drone that I use the more likely it is to cut off. Anything below c5 is fine including playing chords of up to 10 notes but anything above c5 and it cuts off. I too tried re-installing and redoing perf files but no luck. Will try de-fragging right now. I thought if you going to run out of poyphony it would cut off notes in decay (like your cymbol) but I\'m holding this note. Shouldn\'t it cut off the decays of the drums in the pattern I\'m using instead?

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    Re: voices cutting out

    Drive fragmentation isn\'t the problem. I defragmented my drive and I still have the same problem.

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    Re: voices cutting out

    Well at least I know I\'m not the only one too!

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    Re: voices cutting out

    This can be a frustrating problem. I have had this happen occasionally, and I think I have narrowed it down to one particular patch of mine. It seems whenever I\'ve had this problem i was always using a particular cym roll patch. if I muted the patch in my sequencer everything was fine, and I even could add more patches/tracks with no problems. Once i added back that patch the problems were back. I have no idea what\'s wrong with the patch, but it does seem to be the common factor. As for another post about polyphony. I run GS full version and seem to get max polyphony.

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