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Topic: mixing w/ Genelec monitors and sub-woofer?

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    mixing w/ Genelec monitors and sub-woofer?

    Does anyone have any advice on the best way to balance the Genelec 1091 subwoofer with the Genelec 1029 montiors? In other words,
    when I sit in the mix position the balance between the main montiors and the sub sounds right. If I stand up and walk around the room the low frequencies (30-150 hz.) from the sub are much too over-powering. Should I be concerned about this or just be concerned about how it sounds in the mix position? I know these 1029\'s are near-field monitors so
    they\'re designed to be listened to at a close range. It just sounds so much different even if
    I stand up right in back of the mix position.

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    Re: mixing w/ Genelec monitors and sub-woofer?

    One way to mitigate the problem is to move the sub as close to your listening position and re-balance.

    There are a few things going on. First is that sound diminishes by the square of the distance to the source. You\'re likely increasing the distance to the Gens by a larger proportion than you are the distance to the subs. Second, high frequencies are very directional. As soon as you move out of the \"beam\" you lose the highs, sub or no sub. The third reason may be that you have a room resonance in the standaing/alternate position. This can be expensive to solve (see the prorec article on Auraflex), or you can do preactical things like puting randomly loaded book shelves in corners and on walls where the reflections happen. Leaving gaps behind the bookshelves can also create bass traps.

    If clients/friends are in the alternate position when you say \"hey, listen to this\", you can pre-calibrate the sub knob for each position (mark the position with tape and a Sharpie) and turn the knob before you demo. Don\'t forget to turn the knob back :-)

    I hope this helps. Happy listening.

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    Re: mixing w/ Genelec monitors and sub-woofer?

    I think the third reason is the first reason!

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    Re: mixing w/ Genelec monitors and sub-woofer?

    Thanks everyone for your advice. I am
    trying some of these suggestions out.



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