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Topic: Please recommend PCI midi interface

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    Please recommend PCI midi interface

    I\'m currently using a 76 key controller for notes and an Oxygen 8 for keyswitching/control data. I think the next step in my seemingly hopeless crusade against bluescreens is to lose the USB midi interfacing i\'m using (a midiman 1x1 for the 76 key, and the oxygen\'s onboard interface) and go for a 2 input PCI solution.

    I guess my question is 2 part. Is it likely that running both controllers to a PCI card will help stability? ..and if so, could someone recommend a cheap 2x2 PCI midi card?

    In case it matters, the system in question is a P4 1.7 running XP with a delta 66.

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    Re: Please recommend PCI midi interface

    Giga recommends in their manual to get a PCI midi interface which I set out to do, only to find not a single PCI midi interface anywhere. I figured that the Creative Soundblaster card has a midi gameport so I opted to use that and it\'s worked fine. Of course you only get 1 in/out and now you have a second sound card, but it was the only PCI midi interface I could find. The up side being you could probably find an older Soundblaster card on Ebay for next to nothing.

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