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Topic: Please help!!! Capture not working

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    Please help!!! Capture not working

    I\'m using GS 1.6 On a P3500. 2 hard drives one udma66 one SCSI (LVD). Darla24, multiwav PRO18, and MontegoII for sound cards. My sequencer is Cubase, not Cubase vst. I\'ve had better luck with just about everything on the old workhorse. Sound Forge and Samplitude 5.53 for editing. I can\'t seem to get audio capture to capture anything. It won\'t start when the sequencer starts... it just stays in waiting. I know I\'m just missing something simple here, but for the life of me, just can\'t get it to go. Would really appreciate any help here, I\'ve kind of banked my latest client project on this one feature. It Needs to be pristine or I\'d just run it through my Multiwav. Anyone else run into this?

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    Re: Please help!!! Capture not working

    ok... i got it. It\'s always the obvious LOL. I must have brain fry or something. I think my \"sync\" chops were rusty. For those with a heart of gold looking to hand out some assistance, i thank you anyway.

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