by Professor Alan Belkin

Lesson 3B - Orchestrating a Crescendo

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Comments from Professor Belkin on Example No. 3B:
This first attempt is not bad. The melody (in octaves) in the winds at the start is accompanied by violas, divisi. Note
the addition of extra strings at the climax of the first and second phrases, and the progressive addition of wind and
brass in the third phrase. The timpani also mark the main accents.

However, the last chord does add anything significant: Adding 2 more horns when there are already 2 in place, along with 2 trumpets, makes virtually no difference to the sound. This version also uses too much unison doubling; the result is a bit thick. Also, adding horns in the accompaniment in the last phrase without adding anything in the melody is clumsy. The flutes (at the end) should have a starting dynamic.

Assignment: try to fix these problems.

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