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Topic: Clicks when using GigaSampler and Absynth

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    Clicks when using GigaSampler and Absynth

    I have a problem that needs a solution.

    I am trying to run Absynth and GigaSampler from the same computer (I have a RME Hammerfall card).

    The audio is routed to my MOTU 2408 on my Mac. The Hammerfall is clock source, and running alone, the GS sounds fine. I installed Absynth, gave it a dedicated audio channel (that had been turned off in GS). Both GS and Absynth can be played from my Mac, but now I have some kind of \"overdrive\"/clicks that I don´t know how to get rid of. The Absynth is using ASIO.

    Any solution?

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    Re: Clicks when using GigaSampler and Absynth

    Realized now that this happenes when I play them both together, and the polyphony is above 5-6 notes. If I play Absynth or GS alone, they sound fine.

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    Re: Clicks when using GigaSampler and Absynth

    Yeah. Absynth is a hog, and also causes a lot of crashes on my pc. 5-6 polyphony is rediculous. I don\'t know if you\'re second post indicates you\'ve solved the problem, but just in case you haven\'t, it sounds to me like your CPU is getting slammed by Absynth. I don\'t know if Mac has a CPU usage indicator, but I\'d look and compare the usage with and without Absynth running. On my old P2 400 Absynth took about 40% of my processor just to load and turn on, so when I used it in Cubase, I had to Solo the Absynth track, record it to wav as fast as I could, and then unload Absynth.

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