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Topic: Please recommend a DVD/CD burner

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    Please recommend a DVD/CD burner

    With all these new DVD libraries out there, I need to upgrade to a reliable DVD/CD burner that will be my only source of WR in my main computer. Could you please recommend a specific brand and model? Is two in one ok or getting separate machines better?
    Thanks a million [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

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    Re: Please recommend a DVD/CD burner

    If all the DVD/CD writers are like the Apple Superdrive, which is a Pioneer mechanism, then the only problem is that they don\'t read or write CDs very quickly. It\'s not supposed to be a good idea to write audio CDs at high speeds anyway (because the error rate goes up and they don\'t sound as good - 4x is supposed to be the max), so that may or may not be a factor.

    But for audio CDs that aren\'t critical or for data CDs, you might be happier with a faster CD-RW. It\'s also useful having two in case you need to make (legal!) copies. They\'re pretty cheap these days.

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    Re: Please recommend a DVD/CD burner

    Hi, Patrick:

    Take a look at the Sony DRU500A(x), it does all formats. I am not sure, but do recall that it won\'t work on MACs. So if that matters to you, check the specs.


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    Re: Please recommend a DVD/CD burner

    Frys often has sales on DVD burners as well. They\'re in the $200 range these days.

    Too bad the DVD-Audio authoring software is still so costly. It\'ll be nice when that\'s affordable for distributing/archiving 24-bit, 192kHz surround audio.

    One thing to consider is an external Firewire/USB2 drive. That was you can move it from machine to machine as needed, and you can access it from your desk - even if the PC is somewhere else. I use the HP DVD200e here at work. I haven\'t tried all of the possible CD formats, but it\'s been reliable for those that I have tried.

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    Re: Please recommend a DVD/CD burner

    Thanks to all for these usefull suggestions.
    Much appreciated [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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