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Topic: Simple Audio routing help?

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    Simple Audio routing help?

    Hey folks,
    For my Giga setup I have a Frontier Wavecenter card on my gigpca that routes audio to my Digi001 located on my Mac.
    To use Giga, I open pro tools on my mac and use logic on the mac as well.
    That\'s the setup, and here\'s the problem. I would like to hear downloads and samples on my Giga PC using the same setup described above. Whenever I go into the control panel > multimedia on my PC and select the wave card as the sound device, all I ever hear are clicks and pops; no audio. It doesn\'t matter wether I select SPIDF or Light pipe out (I use light pipe between giga and 001).
    Any suggestions. I\'m sure there\'s a simple solution that I\'m missing.


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    Re: Simple Audio routing help?

    Please Disregard,
    I just found my simple solution.


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