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Topic: M-audio Firewire 410 @NAMM

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    M-audio Firewire 410 @NAMM

    Anyone see or hear this product at last NAMM?

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    Re: M-audio Firewire 410 @NAMM

    Looks Very interesting [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: M-audio Firewire 410 @NAMM

    Yeah, it\'s a perfect studio-to-go card and with 10 outs it\'s great for Giga\'s 4 ports.

    But just curious if anyone heard it in action. I\'m mainly concerned about the preamps. Of course they won\'t be great but how accurate are they, say, compared to Aardvark\'s 24/96, which seems in the same price category and function category (minus the firewire)..

    Anyone at past NAMM run into it?

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    Re: M-audio Firewire 410 @NAMM

    the hazy areas for me are:

    -firewire powered or adapter powered or both
    -site says can monitor effects...does that mean the cards software mixer has reverb to set-up in headphone mix...also more than just reverb (compression and eq)

    One thing I love about the Aardvark 24/96 is one can apply compression on the input signal, set-up reverb in headphones, and use EQ on input. Would be great if this 410 had some or all f those capabilities.

    I downloaded a Real Media movie file that was on Sonic Control\'s forum and it had a rep explaining in too short of detail what the card could do.

    Sam Ash, Sweetwater and AudioMidi.com all have it available on their sites for pre-order. Seems June is the release month.

    PapaChalk, keep me posted if you get a chance to try it. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: M-audio Firewire 410 @NAMM

    I\'m just as curious. I currently have the omni studio by M audio. I\'ve been getting great results. Hopefully it meets the same standard. I just like the portability. This would be great with the right lap top. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I hope we can get one for testing. I was at namm but didn\'t notice it there.

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