I posted a message with a topic \"The price is right\". That same evening I received the following e-mail from Papa Chalk:----- Original Message -----
From: Giga User
To: maugli@intermess.com
Sent: Thursday, January 06, 2000 12:54 AM


Please do not third party advertise in posts. There were two instances where you have done so. We are assuming you did not read our rules you agreed to stated when you joined.
...snip (the following was the rules of this board)

My response follows:

Papa Chalk,
quite on the contrary - I always read and understand the terms under which I am alowed to enter anywhere (or open a software package, for that matter). In my post I distanced myself clearly and explicitly to make sure, that my post will not be construed and understud as an advertising, because that\'s what it is not. I spent countless hours by searching the web for software (not only Gigasampler) and hardware, both of which I need to do what I love to do - composing music. I am still in the process of acquiring the software and hardware for my bedroom studio (and I think that I always will be, since there is new/improved hardware and software coming up all the time), and in that process I\'ve made some costly mistakes only because I didn\'t know better. If my posts help someone in similar situation to avoid similar mistakes (or even convert ilegal user of Gigasampler into a registered one!), then it fulfiled my _only_ intention and served its purpose. For every actively posting user of this forum there are many \"silent\" individuals who are trying to find answers of technical nature as well as of emotional nature (e.g. \"are you happy using this software?\", which is the main question after all, isn\'t it?). There is nothing more frustrating than acquiring a piece of software/hardware just to find shortly afterwards, that it is not what I\'ve expected. It gets even worse if the cost of this equipment is expressed in hundreds or thousands of dollars. If I find significant piece of SW/HW at significantly discounted price, I am perfectly willing to share this information with like-minded people in effort to help them to do what they love to do, simply because I love to do the same thing myself. If I save $200 on one purchase, I don\'t run to the bank and put the money back in the saving account - that would be unnatural, speaking for myself... I run to spend the saved dough for more stuff that I absolutely have to have in order to do, what I love to do. Furthermore, if I find a piece of equipment that I need at one vendor for (my saved) $200 and the other at $250, do I run to the bank for the additional $50 to get the stuff? You do what you can to get by, so do I ...
OK, lets move on. It was only after I posted my messages, that I browsed your site and found, that this is actualy a vendor-run forum. Only then I realized that perhaps I put myself into a \"oooops\" situation, and your private e-mail only confirms that. Therefore, if I find some worthy opportunities, I will simply anounce that I found something interesting and I will offer to disclose this information only via private e-mail. I understand and respect your position, and I believe that sharing this kind of information in the way I just described shouldn\'t offend anyone in any manner. One thing I am missing in your complaint is consistency in your effort to avoid third party advertisement posted on this board. Specifically, in Sample Library Discussions / Miroslav strings v2.0 and Extended choir Peter Vitous. As I understand it, Peter is with Marcati and working with Miroslav on production of their samples\' library. In that light - if Peter\'s statement in regard to their product \"I myself have not seen a better combo in sampler/samples.\" is not a third party plug, than what is? I have only deepest respect for Marcati product and this certainly is not meant to tick them off, but Peter\'s opinion is still a subjective one, and Peter Siedlaczek might have a different opinion - meaning Marcati product is great, but mine is in some respect better. I think that you get my drift...
Now I get a little personal: 1. Hi Peter and Miroslav, kudos to you both, and when I land that score for a $30 mil budget movie (not a porno, of course), as sure as hell I will get your great (from what I hear and read about them) samples. Until then I\'ll have to get by with some generic stuff. Yeah, I grew up in Prague, can\'tcha tell?... :-)))
2. Hi Nemesys, if my post helped to sell some copies of GS it will make me a one happy camper for one simple reason: the more you sell, the further you can push your technology and bring it to us. Double kudos to you, guys...
Papa Chalk, I hope this clears the waters and perhaps we can change the subject now, huh? :-)

Best regards

P.S. I am making this conversation public in sincere effort, so that others can learn from it - what is allowed here and what is not. No more, no less...

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