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Topic: MidOverLan+ in a MAC/PC Giganetwork

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    MidOverLan+ in a MAC/PC Giganetwork

    I am running GS160 on a PC driven from a MAC using a MOTU Midi Timepiece AV interface. I am hooking up my second GigaPC. Presently 8 MidiChannels from my MTPAV show up on PC #1. I use 4 of them on that PC (i.e. 64 Channels). I am thinking of using MOL+ as a repeater to pass the other 4 channels to my 2nd PC (Saves $$$ on midi interfaces and gets rid of all those nasty cables). Has anyone tried this? Do the latency issues kill you or, given the slow speed of Midi, does it work?

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    Re: MidOverLan+ in a MAC/PC Giganetwork

    Hi, I have MOL and haven\'t noticed any latency issues. I must admit that I haven\'t had a chance to really drive it hard as yet, but so far, no problems at all.

    Cheers, Scott.

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